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Prep Classes!
Cassie Trammell
February 5, 2010
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Each year before auditions, we offer prep classes at our studio in Valley Ranch. The classes are for anyone and everyone who wants to come and learn more about our audition process.

The first year I tried out, I attended the prep classes twice a week. I would definitely recommend these classes to anyone thinking about auditioning for the DCC. They helped me out tremendously with dance technique, kicking (which I had never done,) learning routines, and they even helped with my confidence! The most difficult part of training camp for me was learning the material quickly, and the prep classes definitely trained me to not worry so much and helped me let loose so that I could absorb the choreography.

Former and current cheerleaders and our amazing staff teach the prep classes once a week. Our classes begin with stretching and warming up and then you perform floor activities. A short combination routine is taught during class to start working your brain out to learn more quickly. You will also work on kicking, so that you become familiar with the dos and don'ts of kick lines. The last few classes will cover the basic elements of the kick line we perform during the semi-final and final round of auditions.

Kitty Carter also offers weekly classes at her studio in Dallas. Her classes incorporate a free-style session at the end of each class. I am absolutely terrible at free-style, and that is what the entire first round of auditions is based off of, so I was extremely nervous about that. Kitty's constructive criticism really helped me to stop stressing so much and just dance. The first round of auditions ended up being much less tense for me, after taking her classes.

The second round of try outs is learning a combination and the kick line, so if you attend prep classes you will be way ahead of the game! You will learn everything you need to know during these sessions and they will give you the confidence to shine and stand out to the judges, so why not try them out?

The classes are $39 and you can pay for them individually as you walk in the day of, or pay for several at once. The prep classes are held every week starting on Friday, February 5th, so make sure to check out the details on the DCC Web site (home page - audition tab - prep classes). They are definitely worth attending! For information on Kitty Carter's classes call her studio for details at (214) 349-7916.