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Kitty Chapman Carter
•  Birthdate: October, 3
•  Birthplace: Dallas, TX
•  Spouse: Keith Carter (30) years
•  Kids: Keith (28), Cassidy (23), Colby (22)
•  DCC: 1974-1976
Everytime I walked out of the tunnel. Superbowl '76 and filming of Black Sunday. Working with the incredible, lovable, and crazy Texi Waterman.
I had two hip replacements this last year. Featured every Superbowl as the crying cheerleader after the tragic loss of Superbowl '76, but it was because I had hurt my back not because we lost.. I've owned an operated my own dance school for 28 years. My niece Carrie (Chapman) Teller was a back to back Superbowl cheerleader in the '90s.

I spent my last game as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader on the sidelines of the Orange Bowl, 1976- better known as Super Bowl X! It was an amazing experience. So good, I decided my time as a DCC was complete. It was time to move on.

I had already been teaching for the dance studio, where I had trained since age 3, and had just received my BFA degree from SMU. I was soon to be married to my high school sweetheart so I figured no better time to open my own studio. So I did!

Twenty nine years later ... I still love what I do, "Turning young dancers into super star adults". We offer Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, and Hip-Hop. I have students performing on Broadway (Jersey Boys/ Guys and Dolls) and in music videos (Brittney Spears/ Madonna/ Janet Jackson). Other students have received scholarships to schools such as Juilliard. My philosophy is "Do it ALL". Expose yourself to all styles of dance so that you're prepared to work any venue, commercial, or company.

Besides owning and operating my own school, I'm also on staff at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts as their jazz and tap instructor. I'm a board member for LA Stage Wear costuming and love designing my own company costumes. I teach five days a week and direct three competitive companies. The Turtle Creek Coral Christmas show is my most recent project.

Along the way, I've never strayed too far from my DCC roots. My niece, Carrie (Chapman) Teller, cheered during the back to back Super Bowl victories in the early 90's and I've had 18 of my own students grace the Cowboys sidelines over the years. I'm privileged to work with the cheerleaders, as a technical coach and a guest choreographer, on their CMT show, "Making the Team". As always, Kelli continues to keep the bar high for all of us.

Sideline Q & A

What one story brings a smile to your face?

Kitty: 6 of us rehearsing a game routine in my East Dallas front yard on any given Friday or Saturday. Walking into the convalescent hotel they stuck us in for Superbowl '76. Orange juice cans in my hair for halftime break. The royal blue long sleeve, turtle neck leotard (winter uniform). The girls I cheered with for two years.

Favorite Memory of Texas Stadium?

Kitty: Standing in the tunnel waiting for the first few beats of "If My Friends Could See Me Now". It still gives me chills to this day.

What do you feel is your role as a DCC Alumni?

Kitty: Being an alum of the greatest pro-organization of our time is not really realistic until you've actually lived it for a while. The ah.... and WOW........ factor follow you through life. When someone finds out you were a DCC their whole demeanor changes. Questions galore and your an instant rockstar. With that said, I have a little different perspective for I was pre- Mitchell cheerleader. We were not pampered nor highlighted and we had to buy our own boots. DCC does change your life forever and therefore I'm always recruiting the "FABULOUS". I take my position as alum very seriously and am very proud and protective of the organization. I've had over 18 of my own students grace the sidelines of Texas Stadium. I, along with other alums, are always in attendance for affiliated performances that need supportive crowds such as Family and Friends, Opening game, and USO tour rehearsals. I'm privileged in that Kelli allows me to work technically with the current squad which also gives me a chance to visit more one on one. I love hearing them talk about how and where they grew up. Sharing ups and downs of life in general but especially in the roll of an ambassador . I tell them to enjoy every second and have no regrets. I also Iike to remind them of how good they have it.